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For most adults, the elementary school art room is a forgotten relic of long-lost childhoods. Life now consists of seemingly infinite burdens and responsibilities that crowd out memories of innocent, joyful, childish creation.

The art room doesn’t have anything it can teach adults…does it?

Could a place as seemingly childish as our school art room actually be hiding important lessons for adults about life and faith? Could rediscovering the art room actually uncover a path to finding fulfillment and purpose in the adult world?

Years after leaving my own childhood art room, going to college, getting married, and trying a few dead-end career paths, I became an art teacher.

I went to the art room to teach, but found myself learning something profound, unexpected, even life changing: that the art room’s most enduring and timeless lessons are not for kids learning to paint or draw, but for adults who finally want discover how to live the lives they were created for.

“Insightful and Encouraging”

“The Book I Always Wanted to Write”

“Enthusiastic and Refreshingly Honest”

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What People are Saying About Life After Art

“Matt has written the book I always wanted to write. He’s taken art and made it grace. He’s taken creativity and made it humanity. He’s taken adults and made them children, again. With thoughtful questions, humorous anecdotes, and crisp story-telling, Matt paints a picture of what heaven can look like on earth. In the same way I frame my paintings, I wish I could frame the message of Life After Art and hang it on my walls, for all the world to see. This book has been a long time coming and it will make artists out of all of us.”

Emily Wierenga, award-winning journalist, artist, and author of Save My Children and Chasing Silhouettes

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